Add In-Demand Skills to Your Resume this Summer by Learning to Code

Summer of Code is a prestigious 12-week coding immersive for college students. Attend in NYC, Chicago, or even remotely.

Level-up your coding abilities this summer

Develop In-Demand Skills
Establish a Strong Network
Build an Impressive Portfolio

Develop In-Demand Skills

A CS degree doesn’t always provide the functional programming skills you’ll need to get a job in the industry. That’s where Summer of Code comes in. We teach you JavaScript, the most in-demand programming language and one of the most versatile, so that you emerge as a full-stack developer.

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Establish a Strong Network

Online job applications won’t get you too far, which is why the network you build here is so important. As your cohort finds work, your classmates will become invaluable referrals, while our career success team will look over your cover letters, prep you for interviews, and help you negotiate offers.

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Build an Impressive Portfolio

It’s hard to land a job when you don’t have experience to show employers. That’s why an impressive portfolio of complex apps and projects is essential. In your 12 weeks with us, you’ll build multiple projects, both on your own and as part of a team, to demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

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How it works

As a Summer of Code participant, you’ll be one of several college students enrolled in our flagship Software Engineering Immersive. Much of your cohort will be made up of current professionals transitioning to a career in web development.

Instruction is split between lectures and pair-programming, and is heavily project-based. In the final six weeks, you’ll polish your resume with our career success team, who will be here for you when you’re ready to find a job.

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Summer of Code students become software engineers at impressive companies.
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Is Summer of Code right for you?

We're looking for programming enthusiasts in college or grad school
Who either code as a hobby or have taken a CS class or two
You're a good fit if you're studying a technical science (CS, engineering, math, etc.)
But we also see liberal arts students, business majors, and more

How do admissions work?

The Summer of Code Software Engineering Immersive begins at an intermediate level, not a beginner stage, which is why it’s important that you have some programming experience before applying, whether that means you’ve been teaching yourself to code or that you’ve taken CS classes.

The application takes 30-45 minutes to complete. Once you’ve submitted you’ll receive a link to our assessment, and you may be invited to interview. After that you'll get an admissions decision.

The 2018 Application Deadline is April 13th

A Transformative Summer Experience taught in NYC, in Chicago, and online

Summer of code is a career accelerator, an academic booster, and a great time all in one.

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June 4 - Aug. 22

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April 13, 2018

* Optional module ends on 8/31/18

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