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From amateur to professional in just 17 weeks, the Web Development Fellowship program at Fullstack Academy is open to eligible New Yorkers who are passionate about diving into the technology industry as a developer.

Through Fullstack's advanced curriculum and project-based structure, you will learn today's cutting edge development technologies in our full-time immersive curriculum. Our curriculum prepares graduates for software engineering roles at technology companies.

What will you learn? Our JavaScript-driven curriculum immerses you in the latest web technologies such as Node.js and React. You bring the energy, curiosity and dedication — we'll provide a world-class school for becoming an expert software developer.

The Fullstack Academy Experience

By combining academic rigor with a supportive community, Fullstack creates the ideal environment to launch your new career.

#1 Coding bootcamp

Fullstack Academy is the top-ranked coding school in the U.S.

Experienced instructors

Learn from passionate programmers who love to teach and know how to help students succeed. From large open source libraries to quantum computer simulators, they've hacked it all.

Real-world coding tools

You will use popular developer tools like Git, Github, Bash, Sublime and Chrome Dev Tools.

Professional Results

Our graduates get hired by amazing companies like Google and Amazon.

The East Coast Tech Center

New York City is home to several of the leading tech companies in the world, not to mention a hotbed of startup innovation. Web development jobs are in high demand.

Culture of collaboration

Work with other students who are considerate, understanding, and friendly. We're all in this together and want mutual success.

"Fullstack's key to success is our dynamic curriculum, which is constantly updated based on tech trends and direct feedback from our hiring partners."

David Yang

Co-founder and CEO, Fullstack Academy

Program Structure

Students learn best by doing. As an NYC Web Development Fellowship student, you will first complete Fullstack's Bootcamp Prep course, before diving into the Immersive Program. The 17-week immersive curriculum is a unique educational program that combines lectures, workshops, projects, and more to help you gain a deep, practical understanding of our curriculum. During the process, you will build an impressive portfolio that demonstrates your skills as a developer.

  • Fullstack's Bootcamp Prep is a part-time class that meets 4 nights each week for 4 weeks. This course will prepare students for the admissions checkpoint to enter the software engineering immersive section of the program. You'll learn more than just the fundamentals of programming, you'll learn how to solve real-world coding problems using the JavaScript language.

    Key points of the Bootcamp Prep curriculum will include:

    • Defining and invoking functions
    • Loops and truthy/falsey statements
    • Objects and multidimensional arrays
    • Nested loops
    • Recursion
    • Approaching coding challenges and mock interviews

  • Completed directly following Bootcamp Prep, Foundations is a full-time, in-person beginning to our course that you will take for 4 weeks. You will work through the Foundations material on your own pace on-campus, to get ready for the immersive.

    In Foundations, you will develop a solid base of programming knowledge, allowing you to start the immersive portion of the course at an intermediate level, and at a fast pace.

    After completing Foundations, you will have a firm grasp on the more advanced areas of JavaScript — including closure, scoping, prototypal inheritance and recursion. You will also be completely comfortable working in the web development environment, will be well versed in HTML & CSS, and will have built your first Node.js application.

  • This is one of the most intense phases of the program, when you will be working all day up to six days a week. You will study:

    • 1

      Front-end development

      User expectations of Web and Mobile Applications have significantly increased in the last 10 years, and the sophistication of front-end development has increased to match it. You will study HTML5 and advanced CSS, and go beyond with modern technologies like React.

    • 2

      Back-end development

      You will take your JavaScript skills to the back-end, with Node.js and the amazing ecosystem of libraries that have made JavaScript the leader in next-generation back-end web engineering. You will master the use of APIs to connect to vast amounts of user data.

    • 3


      You will master data persistence by building your own SQL database engine, learning about popular SQL databases like Postgres, and how to integrate these into your applications.

  • At this point, you will have a solid understanding of the core technologies taught in the immersive program. It is now time to put that knowledge to use by building fully functional web applications from scratch. You will continue to work full-time during this phase, while you deepen your knowledge by solving real-world problems and learning best practices.

    • 1

      Guided team project

      You will work in a group of 3-4 students to build an e-commerce site, and will build all the components of a web application from the ground up — including the front-end, back-end and database.

    • 2

      Personal project

      You will come up with an idea for a web or mobile application, and build it from scratch. You will take design considerations into account, like user experience and information architecture. You will learn new technologies or libraries in order to complete this project, which will help you "learn how to learn" new areas in software development.

    • 3

      Capstone project

      You will work with a team of students to come up with an ambitious idea for an app, and build it out over the final weeks of the immersive program. This will be the most impressive project in your portfolio, and will demonstrate your full understanding of software development and industry best-practices.

  • Following the core curriculum, Fullstack will assist NYC fellows in finding two-month paid apprenticeships at NYC tech companies. With the skills gained during the core curriculum, graduates will be able to make impactful contributions to a professional engineering team.

    This apprenticeship will serve as valuable real-world work experience and provide fellows a comfortable and measured transition into their first software engineering role after graduation.

  • Following the internship portion of the fellowship, graduates will receive guidance and mentorship from Fullstack Academy’s career success team. Not only will alumni of the fellowship program have the benefit of Fullstack’s vast alumni network, they will also conduct regular check-ins, mock interview practice, periodic whiteboard-interview prep, and job search strategy sessions with our dedicated career professionals.

    Fullstack’s Career Success modules have proven successful as graduates of the Immersive Program now work at some of the largest tech firms in the world, as well as hundreds of innovative and growing companies across NYC.

Build a portfolio of apps

By the time you graduate from the Web Development Fellowship @ Fullstack, you will have four projects in your software engineering portfolio — including three web applications and a Tech Talk. During your job search, these projects will be invaluable, serving as proof of your coding expertise. Check out some actual examples of what you will be able to build at Fullstack.

  • Evox

    An immersive 3D life simulator engine

    Dance Dance Evolution

    A web-based rhythmic dance game

    Reel Cool

    Instagram for Video in your browser


    Make apps using React Native

  • DJ.JS

    DJ'ing with motion capture and JavaScript

    Duck Hunt

    Retro video game (controlled with a tablet!) you doin'?

    Facial recognition figures out your mood


    Monitor your critters over the internet

  • How to Use Node.js Streams

    Andrew Ash

    Basic UX Principles

    Nick Ellsworth

    Heroku vs. AWS

    Jungho Son

    Debugging with Chrome Dev Tools

    Lily Jen

High Quality Instructors

At the core of Fullstack's status as a top bootcamp is our inspiring team of instructors, including:

  • Daniel Sohval
    Fullstack JavaScript Engineer
  • Ashi Krishnan
    Fullstack JavaScript Engineer
  • Gabriel Lebec
    Fullstack JavaScript Engineer
See all instructors

Career Prep

By the time you complete the fellowship, you will have everything you need to power your job search — and land your dream job as a software engineer:

Portfolio of apps

The projects you build will create an amazing portfolio that showcases your skills and experience

Github profile

Employers want to see a strong Github profile (like this one) — and that is exactly what you will have by the end of the program

LinkedIn profile

We will help you write a software engineering profile that will really stand out from the crowd (including demo videos of your applications)


You will work with our Career Success Team to craft an elegant resume that shows off your skills as a fullstack software engineer

We will help you get ready for technical interviews by doing practice interviews and working through dozens of sample technical questions.

And we will introduce you to our hiring partners at top technology firms, to find opportunities that might be a good fit.

Our graduates get hired by industry leaders:

Dates & Eligibility

Our next NYC Fellowship cohort will begin on April 9th, 2018

Eligibility Requirements

In partnership with the New York City Tech Talent Pipeline, this career accelerating opportunity is available to those who meet the following requirements.

  • At least 18-years-old
  • A New York City Resident
  • Have limited or no prior professional web development work experience
  • You earn less than $50,000 per year or are unemployed
  • You meet federal selective service requirements
  • You are authorized to work in the United States

LocationApplication DeadlineCohort DatesStatus
New York CityDecember 31st, 2017April 9th - July 13thClosed

Admissions Process

To apply for the Web Development Fellowship at Fullstack, first you’ll need to submit the Fullstack Academy application, and then complete the subsequent supplemental application on the second page. You’ll be invited to take our coding assessment after we receive both parts of your application. We will process your assessment and application together, and send you a decision regarding your admissions status and next steps within 5-7 business days.

What If I Don't Qualify?

The Web Development Fellowship at Fullstack is for New York City residents with specific work experience and income requirements. If you don’t meet one of these requirements, there are plenty of other Fullstack avenues open to you.

Tuition-deferred Grace Hopper Program

For women who want to become software developers. Learn more.


Available to women ($1,000 Ada Lovelace scholarship to Fullstack), veterans, remote attendees, and our Chicago students. Follow the links to learn more.

Financial aid

We work with Skillsfund and Upstart to get you better rates and more credit.

Part-time immersive

For anyone who can't quit work to attend bootcamp full time, we offer a part-time option. See if it's for you.

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